Thursday, August 25, 2016

recommended gigs

Friday August 26 and Saturday August 27 - Ed Wood night at the Onyx Theater - Glen or Glendora and Plan 9 from Outer Space!

Saturday Aug 27 - D Generation at the Beauty Bar
Saturday Aug 27 - the All Togethers at the Pioneer Saloon

Friday Sept 2 - Double Down Radio anniversary party at the Double Down (natch) with Water Landing, The Swank Bastards, No Tides, Headwinds

Saturday Sept 3 - Black Sabbitch at Backstage Bar and Billiards

Wednesday Sept 7 - Franks'n'Deans Weenie Roast with The Mapes, Ike Fonseca and Valerie Stunning at the Double Down

Thursday Sept 8 - Wayne Hancock, Alex and His Meal Ticket, The Riflemen at Backstage Bar and Billiards

Friday Sept 9 - the Psyatics with the Super Zeros and Scarlet 13 at the Double Down

Saturday Sept 10 - Unwieldies at the Dillinger
Saturday Sept 10 - Tiger Sex returns to the Double Down!

Sunday Sept 11 - the Reverberations with Van Der Rhoe and more at the Double Down Saloon

Friday Sept 23 - Life is Shit festival at the Dive Bar

Saturday Oct 1 - Nikki Ruffling's birthday bash with Melanie and the Midnite Marauders, The Legendary Boilermakers, Water Landing and the Psyatics!

Sunday Oct 16 - the Goddam Gallows, Gallows Bound at the Dive Bar

Friday Oct 21 - the Psyatics and the Vibrators at the Double Down
Friday Oct 21 - CJ Ramone, Johnny Madcap at the Dive Bar

Tuesday Oct 25 - Rev Peyton's Big Damn Band with the Supersuckers at Triple B

What have I forgotten? Lemme know

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tiki Oasis Sunday August 21, 2016

Even after giving it all - well, as much as an audience member can - for the SchizophonicsSoul Review, we were up bright'n'early the next morning and caught the Primitive Finks donning their masks for a sunny, surfy set at the car show. There was some excellent food provided here by several high-end food trucks, and we had our brunch before heading into town for some shopping and some California Mexican food.

Back in plenty of time for the Ugly Things showcase with the insane Screaming Lord Sutch tribute band, Screaming Lord Stax! Led by Mike Stax as Sutch, the group including Anja Stax (natch) on bass, Pat'n'Lety of the Schizophonics on guitar'n'drums and Richard Whig on keys. With an appropriately spooky backdrop, the band came out to the tune of "Jack the Ripper" with Stax stalking the audience before landing upon a victim on stage for an elaborate stabbing. Every minute was fab, with Sutch favorites such as "Dracula's Daughter", "All Black and Hairy" and "I'm In Love with a Monster Man" combined with garage favorites like "Night of the Phantom", "Cry Over Her", "Primitive", "You're the One" and a guest appearance by "Crazy Al" doing "I Put a Spell on You"! There were theatrics and costumes changes in abundance - too much to detail everything here - but the band was excellent (as you would expect from these stalwarts), Mike is an incredible frontman, and they all put everything into making the set as entertaining as possible. Pat's guitar work reminded me that Sutch had greats like Ritchie Blackmore working with him in his Heavy Friends, and the finale with Mike dancing Pat around by the guitar was quite wicked! Insanity at its best!

I can't imagine attempting to follow that, but the Woggles did with their energetic'n'tight garage sound, covering numbers like "Big Bird" and "Jezebel" while divin' into the audience as their go-go dancers gyrated beside them. I had never seen them before, but they had a big sound and the lead singer's Keith Relf-like stage presence and their matching outfits gave them visual impact, as well. A crazily fun-filled ending to the big Tiki O weekend!

Tiki Oasis Saturday August 20, 2016

Got up early enough on Saturday to do some shopping with the many, many vendors - indoors and out - and got a few items before the morning poolside show started with Italian surf cats, the Bradipos IV. They are a talented surf instrumental quartet who were joined by a female singer (never found out her name) who added a dash of rockabilly'n'garage to their show. Her raw, rockin' voice took 'em through "Funnel of Love", "Baby PLease Don't Go", and quite a few others - they pretty much did a second set as the Bradipos V! Really fun!

Think we had a quick lunch break then over to the car show to catch Boss Fink. With members from the Ghastly Ones, the Cormans and the Huntington Cads, the rock the Big Daddy Roth swag, from matching shirts to Rat Fink German helmets. The bassist was highly animated as they blasted through twin-guitar surf, culminating in Davey Allen's "Blue's Theme".

Back at the main stage for the Mission Creeps, from Tucson, AZ, opening up the evening's festivities. Aided and abetted by Rikki Styxx (The Two Tens) and Dusty Watson (the Sonics) on additional drums and percussion, the band consists of drummer George Palenzuela, guitarist James Arr and bassist Miss Frankie Stein. They had a thunderous low end (loved Stein's raucous bass tone mixing with the percussiveness), wild theremin swirls, swingin' guitar lines (from some wacked-out guitar) and some goddam great songs! I screwed up by not picking up any of their CDs, but will certainly be on the prowl for them. There was also plenty of eccentric theatrics - costumes, masks, go-go dancers, etc. - but it all just enhanced the music rather than replacing it. Cool cover of "Paint It, Black", as well! Definitely another fave of the weekend!

San Diego's own "scariest band in the world", Deadbolt, put up their caution tape, pulled out their Aqua Net hair spray, and revved up their twin bass, "wall of thunder" surf attack. Led by guitarist/singer/karate expert Harley Davidson and long time bassist 3rd Degree Burns the band now has a second bassist whose name I didn't catch and drummer Max (sorry, don't know his stage name) from Vooduo, Lords of Altamont and innumerable other groups. They handled snakes, broke boards with fists and heads, hair-sprayed their pompadours and frightened the crowd with songs from their decades-long career. They wanted to just keep going, but were cut by the TO's stage manager, who kept a timer running off to the side of the stage! The crowd wanted more but it was time to move on to...

The Lampshades - a comedy duo starring Kate Flannery (from The Office TV show) and Scot Robinson (Anchorman), who sang songs and did goofy comedy skits to backing tracks. People loved them, but I thought they were a bit much, myself...

Back to the live rock'n'roll with the masked men in the Creepy Creeps - a trashy sax'n'keys garage combo that tore up the stage with their sweaty antics. The lead singer's keyboard was enclosed in a coffin that he wrestled'n'wrangled and stood on during the set. Very energetic stage shenanigans backing the punk rock/garage noise and insulting songs, goofy lyrics, a frantic cover of "Do You Wanna Dance", some instro work, cool sax playing and a rave up with a Planet of the Apes-themed song!

Headlining Saturday night were the mighty Sonics, although now they are down to one original member - sax/harmonica man Rob - though still with great bassist/singer Freddie Dennis, drummer Dusty Watson, and now with Jake Cavaliere replacing Gerry Rosalie and Evan Foster doing his best to fill Larry Parypa's shoes. Unfortunately, without Larry and Gerry some of the magic is gone, as talented as Jake and Evan are, but the band still gives a vicious bite to the prototypical garage songs like "He's Waiting", "Strychnine", "Boss Hoss", "Cinderella", "Money" and lots more, including their first ever song, "The Witch". Jake got to sing lead on one - maybe one of his own? - and played fine organ and electric piano throughout. Rob was blowing great, Freddie's singing is top-notch, Dusty is a monster, though Evan lacked Larry's tone and bite on guitar. Not the same, but still a great time.

Up to San Diego's Casbah room for an over-flowing rock'n'soul party with the Schizophonics Soul Revue! The Schizophonics were definitely a highlight of last year's festivities and this time out singer Pat put down his guitar so he could concentrate on his James Brown moves, while drummer Lety pounded out the primitive beat along with 2 guitars, bass, 2 horns and backing vocals from Birdy (the Rosalyns) and the fabulous El Vez! This combo put on a soul-filled SHOW with James Brown/Sly and the Family Stone tunes, "House Party", and so much more that is all becomes a blur. Every member was a terrific musician and showman and the shoulder-to-shoulder congregation did its best to dance in the miniscule space allotted. For "Please, Please Me", Pat and El Vez did the James Brown skit with Pat being walked off the "stage" only to return as a gyrating shrieker agan and again - appropriate because it seemed like he gave every ounce in the first set, but returned refreshed and did it all again once more! It really doesn't get any better than this!